How long should i wear my PostOp faja?

How long should i wear my PostOp faja?
A faja is a special compression garment worn over the abdomen after procedures like liposuction, BBL and mommy makeovers to ensure the patient’s skin heals and contours correctly. Fajas are staged in size from pre-op to Stage 1 to Stage 2, in tightnesses ranging from fairly loose to highly compressive. A Stage 1 faja should be worn for at least three weeks postop, after which the patient will typically upgrade to a more compressive Stage 2 faja. During Stage 1, patients should refrain from wearing undergarments beneath their faja to prevent rippling or marking of the skin, but can usually resume undergarment use once they move up to the next stage.

Talking about the stage 2 faja it’s recommended to wear it for about three to six months, because that’s when the scar tissue is most active. Beyond that, it is your decision to keep wearing it.

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